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Pengcheng Micro Nano Technology (Shenyang) Co., LTD.
About us

Pengcheng Micro Nano Technology (Shenyang) Co., LTD. (referred to as: Pengcheng Micro Nano), the company relies on Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen), with advanced semiconductor research and development equipment platform and testing equipment platform, can carry out scientific research at a high starting point. Headquartered in Shenzhen, the company has the capability of R&D, production and commissioning of semiconductor equipment as well as pilot test, production and sales of semiconductor materials and devices.
The core business of the company is the R&D and manufacturing of semiconductor substrate materials, the R&D and manufacturing of semiconductor epitaxial sheets, and the R&D and manufacturing of semiconductor process equipment. Including semiconductor equipment (industrial mother-machine) research and development, manufacturing and sales; Mainly PVD, CVD and MBE series equipment; Hot wire CVD diamond process research and development, diamond process equipment design, manufacturing and sales; The focus is on the research and development of micron crystal, nanocrystalline crystal wafer and industrial mother-machine manufacturing; In the mode of production, university and research, focusing on the second, third and fourth generation semiconductors, we carry out the research and development and pilot test of semiconductor material preparation and industrial mother-machine, research and design independently controllable complete sets of process equipment and key components, research and design independently controllable semiconductor substrate materials and epitaxial sheets.
The knowledge structure of the company's talent team is complete, there is a senior equipment designer team from the industry, they have more than 20 years of semiconductor material research, epitaxial technology research and semiconductor film preparation complete equipment design, production and manufacturing experience.

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